About Nectar’s Lead Photographer…

Being a California native, my family took vacations to Mammoth and Yosemite every year.  I craved these trips and what I found there.  Majestic Half Dome, tiny little flowers growing at the base of redwoods, deer jumping through open fields, water trickling down creeks and the smell of the forest in the early morning.

I was entirely captivated by it.

One morning after camping in our tent trailer I went on a walk with my dad. We stopped along the trail and noticed a bright flower. He knew the name of it being a landscape geek and general lover of all things botanical. I don’t remember the flower’s name.

But I do remember that he grabbed his old Minolta 35mm film camera and squatted down purposefully to photograph it.

Something struck me at that moment.

We were recording the beauty of this creation; capturing this flower up close and in detail to remember it forever.

I asked if he would show me how to use his camera and he did.

I was hooked.

Years later here I am, blessed to be doing what I love.

It’s pretty rad.

~ Megan

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